Monday, June 27, 2011

Voice recording and playing on Android.

I need free voice recorder app for Android. Unfortunately there isn't such app on the market powerful enough. All applications I've tried missed record pause/continue functionality. So, I decided to take ready solution ( and add some features. Because it uses AudioRecord adding the pause/continue recording functionality wasn't a problem. So, it's done.
But saving audio to wav files, i.e. without compression takes a lot of space (1 MByte per minute). And I decided to compress the audio. I've tried two solutions JSpeex and oggDroid.
It turned that they are both two slow.
So, I've added two commands to context menu of files list in the Diktofon. They are "Continue recording" and "Compress record".
"Continue recording" allows to continue recording of any wav file with the same settings as current settings. This command works well.
"Compress record" allows to convert wav file to ogg file (ogg is open source audio codec supported in the Android). But currently this command works very slow. E.g. it converts 1 minute speech for about 10 minutes. Although at the current release converting freezes app's GUI completely.
Here is my release:

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